Test scheme of Spur Planetary Gear

The physical quantity measured in the test is mainly the radial vibration of the rotor in the sealing tester. Therefore, the test will be carried out under the condition that the pressure in the sealing tester is under normal pressure. The vibration acceleration of the rotor in the sealing tester will be measured according to different rotating speeds.

When the rotor in the seal tester vibrates, the vibration signal will be quickly transmitted to the bearing and then to the bearing cavity. Therefore, in this test, the acceleration sensor is arranged in the bearing cavity or nearby position of supporting rotor to avoid excessive attenuation or mutation of vibration signal, so that the vibration signal collected can be useful. In general, the sensor should be arranged in the X, y, z direction of a collection point for signal acquisition. Because the axial (Z-direction) vibration is not considered in this paper, only the radial (X-direction) vibration signal of the rotor is collected. According to the above analysis and the actual situation of the test bench, the test sensor is in the bearing cavity of the sealing tester.

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