The common types of gears

Parallel shaft gear (cylindrical gear)

(1) Spur gear: a straight cylindrical gear whose tooth ribs are parallel to the axis.

(2) Rack: the linear strip gear engaged with spur gear, which can be said to be a special case when the pitch of the gear becomes infinite.

(3) Internal gear: the internal gear of the straight cylinder that engages with the spur gear.

(4) Helical gear: cylindrical gear with helioid ribs.

(5) Helical rack: a linear gear engaged with a helical gear.

(6) Double helical gear: the helical gear formed by left and right spiral bars.

Gear of straight cross shaft (bevel gear)

(1) Straight bevel gear: the bevel gear with the same tooth rib and pitch cone bus (straight line).

(2) Spiral bevel gear: the tooth rib is the bevel gear with the curve of spiral angle.

(3) Zero bevel gear: the bevel gear with zero spiral angle.

Gears of misaligned shafts (worm gear and worm)

(1) Worm gear: the cylinder worm gear is the general term of worm and wheel.

(2) Cross helical gear: This is a cylindrical helical gear, which is called when it is driven between the shafts to be cross (also known as skew shafts).

(3) Other special gears:

Face gear: a disc-shaped face gear that can engage with a spur gear or a helical gear.

Concave worm gear: the general name of concave worm and the gear engaged with it.

Hypoid gear: a bevel gear that conveys a misaligned shaft. The shape is similar to the bevel gear with curved teeth.

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