The development direction of automobile gear factory in the future

In the future, the trend of automobile gear production plant will be toward design informatization, equipment intelligence, process automation, management modernization, energy conservation and other aspects, while new production methods such as lean production, virtual and network manufacturing will be more popular, which will not only conform to the development trend of mechanical industry on the existing basis, It will also develop according to the characteristics of mass production of automobile gears. According to ZHY gear, there are several aspects:

(1) Digital, automatic and intelligent production on the basis of popularizing the processing of CNC machine tools, a complete processing and manufacturing system of gear production is formed by using information and network, that is, according to the working conditions of the required processing gear, input the design parameters and relevant data, then the product design, strength checking calculation, gear cutting adjustment calculation, detection and error analysis can be carried out according to the program, Including the pre correction of heat treatment deformation, if not ideal, feedback correction can be carried out until the correct cutting adjustment parameters of the machine tool are obtained satisfactorily, and then input into the CNC machine tool for gear cutting.

(2) At present, the domestic gear processing and transmission assembly are mainly based on manual operation, but the unmanned production lines and assembly lines that have appeared in foreign countries are rare to use manipulator or robot, which is also the development direction of domestic gear manufacturers in the future.

(3) In order to save resources and protect the environment, dry cutting has been widely used in clean factories. At present, dry cutting is developing rapidly in foreign countries. In China, dry cutting is under development, and many manufacturers have introduced foreign dry cutting machine tools. Therefore, dry cutting is an inevitable trend in the future.

(4) In order to save materials and energy and improve the utilization rate of materials, the application of precision casting, precision forging and less chip free machining in gear production will be more and more widely, which will be the goal of gear industry organization production in the future.

(5) One of the main reasons for assembly repair is to prevent the collision and burr in gear production and the gear noise caused by the burr. How to prevent the collision and burr in gear production is a long-term problem that people engaged in gear production want to solve, but it has been unable to cure up to now. How to prevent and cure this problem is a problem that the gear manufacturer should pay attention to in the future.

(6) Online intelligent monitoring of gear processing has a large number of processing procedures. In the production and processing line, online intelligent detection should be strengthened to ensure that each process is qualified and then transferred to the next process. At the same time, in order to prevent bump and burr, each production line is equipped with automatic gear sorter to automatically remove unqualified parts. Intelligent detection should be developed into voice prompt.