The Process of Spiral Bevel Gear (part 2)

The second process was an attempt to define 3D points that we could constrain the path. The points would draw on a nx, y, z coordinates in space and SolidWorks. Using these points, spline would then draw from the apex to the tooth space profile and also be coincident with all of the 3D points. Would define the 3D coordinates to be based on the equation of the spiral angle, which is shown in equation 18.

Spiral Angle

Where is HE the average cone distance, is generally cone distance at which you want to get the spiral angle, γO is the spiral angle at the average cone distance, and BC is the radius of curvature of the spiral curve. Would be using the points of reference geometry ensured the spiral curve of the spiral angle appropriate.

Top View of Spiral Gear with Spiral Angle Geometries

Radius of Curvature of the Spiral Arc

The problem is the equation the radius of curvature is not defined and this input is not appropriate. Unfortunately, one could get an equation to describe the radius of curvature of the curve. This leaves the way open for further research.

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