The production of bevel gears in China is growing rapidly

Gear production plays a very important role in the modern machinery manufacturing industry, especially in the production of automobiles, aircraft, tractors, machine tools and other mechanical industries.

With the development of socialist construction in China, the production of bevel gears in China is also growing rapidly. Straight bevel gears are widely used in bevel gear transmission, especially in the transmission of intersecting shafts. Moreover, the straight bevel gear is easier to process than the spiral bevel gear, and its tooth line does not produce axial force in the transmission, but the straight bevel gear is not as good as the more superior spiral bevel gear in terms of stationarity and bearing capacity. Compared with straight bevel gear transmission, spiral bevel gear transmission has many advantages, such as high coincidence degree, high bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency, smooth transmission, low noise and so on.

Therefore, it is widely used in automobiles, aircraft, construction machinery vehicles, power tools and other mechanical products. Therefore, it is more important to study the spiral bevel gear machine tool with high speed, high precision, high efficiency and flexible automation.

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