The prospect of spiral gear shaping grinding and grinding wheel dressing technology

The development of gear forming grinding technology in China is relatively late, and it is still in its infancy, but the theory and technology of grinding in foreign countries have been relatively mature. Because many foreign countries adopt the confidential treatment to our country in technology, it is disadvantageous to the development of our country’s forming grinding technology and theory. However, our country has not stopped the exploration of these technologies, and still continues to study them. Although some achievements have been made in the grinding wheel profile, modification route and numerical control programming, there are still many problems to be solved because of the initial research stage.

(1) In order to control the accuracy error of the spiral gear in the actual processing within a certain range, we should continue to study and analyze the influence of various factors, find out the causes of the processing error, compare the theoretical profile data of the grinding wheel with the actual processing data, and continue to carry out grinding tests, so that the accuracy of the spiral gear can meet the required requirements;

(2) In order to minimize the actual machining error, the optimization method of grinding wheel profile should be studied;

(3)The developed software needs to continue to improve and enrich the content.

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