This paper studies the causes of static broken teeth of mechanical gears

In the mining work, the actual working environment is very poor, the working equipment is not perfect, so the gear on the mining machinery and equipment often has the problem of static broken teeth. The principle of static broken tooth problem is very simple, because the external load of mining machinery gear suddenly increases, far beyond the range of mechanical gear can bear, the gear appears static broken tooth problem.

Specifically, during the coal mine construction work, if the coal mining machinery accidentally touches the more solid rock or other solid objects, the resistance of the whole cutting work will increase in an instant; If the workers can not skillfully operate the relevant machinery and the surface of the working floor is not smooth, there may be problems with the top beam of the shearer drum cutting hydraulic support, or problems with the scraper in front of the scraper conveyor in the coal mining face, which will lead to the instantaneous increase of the cutting resistance, and then make the shearer drum bear greater resistance and can not work normally, Then increasing the moment of inertia of the system parts in the cutting rocker arm will directly act on the teeth of the loaded gear. At this moment, the pressure and dynamic torque borne by the mechanical teeth are far higher than the torque transmitted by the cutting motor. Under the serious influence of such a large impact force, the bearing capacity of the mechanical gear will reach the limit, and the problem of brittle fracture of the teeth will appear.

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