Tooth contact of cycloid Hypoid Gear Considering installation error

Hypoid gear is more and more used in the rear axle of automobile because of its high bearing capacity, stable transmission, low noise and compact structure. Cycloid hypoid gear is less used in China. Cycloid hypoid gear adopts equal height tooth system, so in theory, the cutting surfaces of large and small wheel cutterhead can be made the same, and the fully conjugate teeth can be processed by indirect generation method. At the same time, in order to overcome the non adjustability of manufacturing and installation, the large and small tooth surfaces are modified by corresponding methods to form local conjugate contact. Compared with the arc tooth hypoid gear, the cycloid tooth hypoid gear has a longer meshing line in the tooth meshing process, so it has better stability and lower transmission noise in the transmission process; In addition, different from the intermittent tooth splitting machining of arc tooth hypoid gear, cycloid tooth hypoid gear adopts continuous tooth splitting, and the rough cutting and fine cutting are completed in one tooth cutting cycle, so it has higher machining efficiency.

Cycloid hypoid gear is more and more widely used in China because of its superior meshing transmission performance, efficient cutting efficiency and offset layout, which can effectively reduce the chassis height. However, the domestic research is still in its infancy.

The mathematical model of kriberg hypoid gear is given. Based on the mathematical model, the contact stress of gear pair is analyzed. The design simulation and contact analysis of spiral bevel gear based on face milling cutting method are studied. However, the analysis of face hobbing cutting method is less, and the tooth surface contact analysis of cycloid tooth Hypoid Gear Considering installation error has not been reported.

Based on the two part cutter head, the basic principle of machining cycloid hypoid gear by surface rolling cutting method is analyzed. According to its machining generation principle, a pair of mathematical models of cycloid hypoid gear are established, and the tooth contact analysis (TCA) is carried out under the consideration of installation error, and the influence of installation error on its meshing performance is obtained.

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