Tooth cutting test equipment for Hypoid Gear with small number of teeth

The gear cutting test of hypoid gear was carried out on gh-35 gear milling machine in gear laboratory. Gh-35 spiral bevel gear milling machine (as shown in the figure) is a shaking table gear milling machine. After NC transformation, it adopts Guangzhou NC three-axis NC system. Compared with the previous change gear transmission, the use of servo motor transmission replaces the original gear transmission chain, which not only makes the machining of hypoid gear very convenient, but also has higher gear splitting accuracy.

The milling cutter head for machining spiral bevel gear and hypoid gear generally has three basic forms: double-sided cutter head, single inner cutter head and single outer cutter head. The double-sided cutter head is divided into double-sided fine cutting cutter head and double-sided rough cutting cutter head. The double-sided cutter head is alternately installed with external cutting blade and internal cutting blade. With this double-sided cutter head, the two sides of the tooth groove can be processed conveniently and quickly. When the tool tip distance needs to be adjusted, the gasket between the blade and the cutter head body can be adjusted. Therefore, in this hypoid gear experiment, the cutting of large and small wheels adopts double-sided fine cutting cutter head. A reference outer cutting blade and a reference inner cutting blade are installed on the double-sided fine cutting cutter head. They are the adjustment datum of other blades with the same name. Their adjustment is to adjust the tip diameter through the flat gasket installed between them and the cutter head body. Not only the flat gasket but also the inclined gasket are installed between the other blades and the cutter head body. The inclined gasket can be adjusted by the up and down movement of the adjusting bolt to ensure that they have the same diameter as the reference blade.

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