Tooth surface vibration reduction of ease off modified hypoid gear

In order to improve the comprehensive transmission performance of automobile drive axle, the ease off modification hypoid gear tooth surface vibration reduction design method is proposed.

  1. based on the generation principle of the backlash between teeth and the normal backlash between tooth surfaces, the topological ease off surface of the small wheel tooth surface of HFT method is designed and superimposed on the conjugate tooth surface to express the modified tooth surface;
  2. combined with TCA and LTCA methods, the tooth comprehensive meshing stiffness is obtained. Based on the force analysis of a meshing position, the 8-DOF dynamic model of spiral bevel gear with bending torsion shaft coupling is established by using the concentrated mass method; Taking the minimum root mean square of normal vibration acceleration as the objective, the optimal ease off modified tooth surface is determined through optimization, and the influence of the stiffness waveform and amplitude change caused by the modification on the dynamic characteristics of the system is discussed;
  3. when the amount of modification is too large, the stiffness will decrease more and the normal vibration will increase; After modification, the average meshing stiffness decreases less, and the normal vibration decreases obviously when the amplitude of stiffness curve decreases and the amplitude of harmonic wave is very small, while the normal vibration increases when the harmonic component in the stiffness curve is large; The shape of the stiffness curve is more sensitive to the vibration than the amplitude when the average meshing stiffness is similar;
  4. the method of optimizing Alte to minimize vibration may not necessarily reduce vibration, and the reduction of ALTE may also easily lead to the increase of high-frequency components in the stiffness curve (transmission error curve), resulting in new vibration; Multi load Alte can basically reflect the variation trend of vibration with load.