Trimming of precision forging die for spiral bevel gear

Using the die model established by the software, the contact condition of the contact area can be observed through motion simulation analysis. In this way, the geometric parameters of spiral bevel gear pair can be adjusted and predicted repeatedly. Trim the die model to make the spiral bevel gear pair have the best meshing performance. Taking the large wheel die of spiral bevel gear as an example, there are two main dressing methods. One is rolling inspection. The spiral bevel gear pair is rotated without load and loaded by the rolling inspection machine, and the contact condition of the tooth surface contact area is observed. Through the position and shape of the contact area, the difference between the contact area and the contact area under the theoretical state is judged, and the tooth surface is compensated by modifying the processing parameters to achieve the purpose of trimming the die.

The second is the application of tooth surface measurement technology: firstly, based on the die model of spiral bevel gear, according to the boundary conditions of tooth surface, the tooth surface piece data is obtained as the theoretical tooth surface during tooth surface measurement, and then the theoretical coordinates of mesh nodes are calculated by dividing mesh constraints. Then, using the spiral bevel gear measuring center and measuring according to the grid nodes of the actual tooth surface, the coordinates of the workpiece tooth surface can be obtained. The actual tooth surface and the theoretical tooth surface are compared under the same conditions to obtain the tooth surface deviation data map and evaluate the tooth surface accuracy. Finally, according to the tooth surface deviation data map, judge and analyze the error correction factors, and use the reverse solution technology, Finish the machining data of the tooth surface, generate the theoretical tooth surface, establish the model with the tooth surface, generate the die model of the big wheel, and complete the die finishing.

Both die dressing technologies can improve the accuracy of spiral bevel gear die and reduce the error between it and the theoretical tooth surface. For precision forging die, the dressing process is very important, which should be based on the dressing goal.

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