Trouble shooting of transmission box of large wheeled tractor

1) There is noise during operation. The causes of the running noise of the transmission case specifically include: the transmission bearing or needle is excessively worn or damaged, the gear spline or shaft spline is excessively worn, the transmission gear does not fit, the lubricating oil consumption is insufficient, etc.; the corresponding solutions are: replace the new transmission bearing, needle roller, gear spline, shaft spline, transmission gear, etc., adjust the position between the transmission gears to make them fit and increase The amount of lubricating oil, etc.

2) Gearbox overheating. The causes of transmission overheat are basically the same as that of transmission overheat, mainly including too small clearance between transmission bearing and gear, problems of lubricating oil itself, etc.; the corresponding solutions are: adjust the clearance between transmission bearing and gear, adjust the amount of lubricating oil or replace the lubricating oil that meets the requirements.

3) It is difficult to reset the differential lock. The failure of the transmission box spring is the main reason for the difficulty of differential lock reset, and the only solution is to replace the new spring.

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