Types and properties of dynamic excitation in gear transmission system

The excitation of gear transmission system mainly includes the following two aspects: one is the internal excitation generated by the gear body when the gear pair is engaged, and the other is the external excitation generated by other factors in the gear transmission system. Internal excitation includes three forms: stiffness excitation, error excitation and meshing impact excitation. Stiffness excitation is one of the main excitation forms of gear meshing. The external excitation involved in the meshing of gear pair mainly includes the unstable input of prime mover, load change and the special structure and characteristics of other parts in the gear transmission system.

Generally, the coincidence degree of gears is not an integer, and the number of teeth participating in meshing at the same time changes with time, so the meshing stiffness of gears also changes with time cycle. Therefore, stiffness excitation is the phenomenon that the dynamic meshing force of gear transmission system is excited by the change of gear meshing stiffness with time period. From the nature of excitation, stiffness excitation introduces time-varying coefficient into the dynamic equation of gear transmission system, which belongs to the range of parametric excitation. Therefore, time-varying stiffness constitutes the dynamic attribute of gear transmission system, forms the basic characteristics and properties of gear transmission dynamics, and determines its research and solution method.

The main research content is the stiffness excitation in the internal excitation generated by the gear tooth meshing itself.

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