Variable hyperbolic arc tooth profile cylindrical gear machine tool

With the rapid development of modern industry, new requirements are put forward for mechanical transmission devices in the manufacturing field. Especially in the large-scale equipment required in modern industry, the gear transmission device is required to have the ability of high efficiency and high precision under the condition of heavy load and high speed. As a new type of gear, the transmission pair of variable hyperbolic arc tooth line cylindrical gear has the advantages of large bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency, good stability, no axial force and insensitive to center distance. However, if high-grade CNC machine tools are used in application, it not only has more functional redundancy and high processing cost, but also has principle error because it is approximate processing. Using special machine tools can effectively reduce the redundancy of machine tools, greatly reduce the processing cost, and improve the processing accuracy and efficiency. As a manufacturing equipment, machine tool has complex structure and many parts. In order to ensure the normal operation of machine tool, the static and dynamic analysis of single parts is far from enough. The static and dynamic characteristic analysis of the whole machine tool can not only verify the macro structure design of the machine tool, but also provide a reference basis for the improvement and optimization of the machine tool. Ma Xingkui and others carried out the modal analysis of a surface grinder based on ANSYS to obtain the natural frequency and vibration mode, which provided theoretical guidance for the structural design of the whole machine and avoiding the resonance frequency; An Zhiguo and others carried out static analysis on the micro mobile gantry milling machine under specific working conditions and modal analysis on the whole machine, and found the weak link of the machine tool; Li Weimin and others took the 14 T continuous drive friction welding machine as the research object, analyzed its static and dynamic characteristics, and verified the safety of the whole machine design. Taking the open aluminum component processing equipment as the research object, Ji min and others analyzed the static and dynamic characteristics of the whole structure, and optimized the design according to the analysis results.

At present, there is no research to analyze the static and dynamic characteristics of the special machine tool for variable hyperbolic arc tooth line cylindrical gear. In this paper, the self-developed special machine tool for variable hyperbolic arc tooth line cylindrical gear is taken as the research object. Based on the platform of an sys workbench, the static analysis of the whole machine tool is carried out to check the rationality of the machine tool structure design under gravity and the stiffness and strength of the whole machine under cutting conditions, and find out the weak area of the machine tool structure. Through modal analysis and harmonic response analysis, the resonant frequency and the resistance of the whole machine to external interference are predicted. The research results provide a certain reference basis for the structural design and optimization of the special machine tool for variable hyperbolic arc tooth line cylindrical gear.

Through the research on the defect detection manipulator of 5-DOF cam workpiece, the forward and inverse kinematics of the manipulator is analyzed, the trajectory of the manipulator is planned by using cubic spline interpolation function, and the individual fitness function is improved. Using the global search ability and local development ability of sparrow algorithm, the trajectory time is significantly reduced, the work efficiency is greatly improved, and the goal of optimal trajectory time is achieved. The optimized track position and speed change evenly, the curve is smooth, and the acceleration and acceleration operation are continuous, stable and efficient. At the same time, sparrow algorithm is a newly proposed population intelligent optimization algorithm. At present, the application of this algorithm is relatively scarce. Through the trajectory time optimization problem studied in this paper, the stability and reliability of the method are verified. It is a great supplement to the engineering optimization problem and has great practical significance.

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