Variation of equivalent stress and time in meshing process of low speed and heavy load gears

The results of the overall equivalent stress of the gear are shown in Figure 1.

The variation law of dynamic contact equivalent stress of tooth surface with time is shown in Fig. 2.

It can be seen from Fig. 2 that when the speed rises slowly at the beginning, the gear contact equivalent stress is small and the operation is relatively stable. When the speed reaches the maximum at 0.00028 s, the gear contact equivalent stress also rises to the maximum. The maximum effective contact stress is close to the root circle on the tooth surface, and its value is 1299 MPa. When the gear enters the meshing transmission from the static state, the instantaneous impact is very large, and the contact stress of the tooth surface reaches the maximum in a very short time. With the continuous meshing of the gears, the speed of the big gear and the torque of the small gear are kept unchanged, the gear basically runs smoothly, and the maximum contact equivalent stress does not fluctuate greatly.

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