Verification of gravity state of cylindrical gear machine tool with variable hyperbolic arc tooth profile

The gear processing indexing mechanism device is designed on the special machine tool for variable hyperbolic arc tooth line cylindrical gear. Each component is connected with the column sliding table by bolts. The whole device is an extended cantilever structure. When the machine tool is stationary and waiting for work, its own gravity may deform the machine tool, so it is necessary to check the whole machine under self weight. So as to verify whether the stiffness of the device meets the requirements, so as to ensure the enforceability of subsequent analysis. In the gravity influence check, the vertical downward gravity is applied to the whole machine, and the fixed constraint is added at the bottom of the machine bed.

The displacement and deformation nephogram of the whole machine tool is obtained through solution, as shown in the figure. It can be seen from the figure that the maximum displacement deformation of the whole machine is on the handle of the tightening device of the indexing mechanism, and its deformation value is 70 μ m。 The deformation of other parts on the column is mainly concentrated in 30 ~ 60 μ m。 The whole machine is less affected by gravity, so the indexing mechanism device of the machine tool is reasonable in structural design, connection mode and selection of supporting materials, and can meet the stiffness design requirements when it is not working.

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