Vibration characteristics test of fixed-shaft gear drive system

Vibration characteristics of two-stage fixed-shaft gear drive system were tested on a dynamic simulation test bench in the Key Laboratory of Beijing University of Technology.

In this test, the acceleration signal, displacement signal and strain signal of two-stage fixed-shaft gear drive system are tested with pump-motor loading test device.To test signals such as stress and acceleration of rotating parts, collector rings or short-range telemetering devices are required. American collector rings are installed at the shaft end of the drive shaft in this test and test signals of rotating parts are introduced to the front end of data acquisition.The test conditions are as follows:

Test specimens: two-stage fixed-shaft gear drive test device;

Loading device: hydraulic pump motor;

Test system: data acquisition and analysis system, dynamic strain test system;

Sensors: three-way acceleration sensor, eddy current displacement sensor, resistance strain gauge.

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