Vibration response of high speed helical gear drive under combined excitation

The obtained time-varying meshing stiffness curve and meshing impact curve are input into the dynamic equation group at the same time, and the vibration response of single-stage helical gear transmission with input torque of 80N · m, 100N · m and 120N · m is obtained, and the vibration speed diagram as shown in Fig. 1 is drawn.

Figure 4-24 shows the vibration speed diagram of three different loads under the comprehensive excitation of single-stage helical gear drive. It can be clearly seen in the figure that: at 1 / 3 and 1 / 2 resonance speed In the non resonance region, gear vibration increases with the increase of speed, but the increasing trend is slower than that under the single excitation of meshing impact, which is due to the time-varying meshing stiffness excitation after the resonance region The vibration of the lower system decreases slightly with the increase of rotating speed.

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