Vibration test of automobile gear

The vibration experiment of automobile gear adopts SSA signal and analysis software combined with acceleration sensor to test the vibration of automobile gear. It mainly includes two parts: hardware device and software analysis.

1. Design of hardware device

Hardware devices include mechanical, conversion and measurement devices. The mechanical device is mainly composed of support, motor, coupling, bearing support, electromagnetic clutch, gearbox, universal transmission device, general fixture of rear axle and sensor. The conversion device includes photoelectric sensor, a / D converter, etc. The utility model is composed of a computer, an acceleration measuring device, a data collector, etc.

2. Design of test software

SSA is a signal and system analysis software, which takes Windows2000 as the development platform and is developed in strict accordance with the standard concept of Visual C + +. The interface is humanized and easy to operate, which greatly improves the practicability and reliability of the software. The software mainly includes four modules: parameter setting module, signal acquisition module, signal saving module and signal analysis module. It is used for time domain analysis, spectrum analysis, system analysis and probability analysis of dynamic signals.

3. Test method

During the test, the motor rotates forward, and the sensor is pasted on the housing of the main reducer of the vehicle. Two sensors shall be arranged, one pasted in the direction parallel to the driving axle as axial vibration, and the other pasted in the direction perpendicular to the driving axle as vertical vibration. After the test, the relationship between the frequency and the amplitude of the main vibration reduction of the rear axle is analyzed by looking at the root mean square spectrum in the spectrum. Although acceleration sensors are attached in both axial and vertical directions, the vertical vibration has the greatest impact on the vibration caused by the vehicle, and the impact of axial vibration is very small.

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