Wear failure of automobile gear tooth surface

In automobile gear transmission, there are many different forms of tooth surface wear with different working conditions. There are mainly two kinds: abrasive wear caused by hard debris entering the friction surface; In addition to rolling, there is relative sliding between meshing tooth surfaces, which is abrasive wear caused by sliding friction between surfaces. Wear causes the tooth surface to lose the correct tooth profile, and serious wear causes the tooth to be too thin and broken.

Tooth surface wear is the main failure form of open gear transmission. In closed gear transmission, if the lubricating oil is mixed with metal chips that cause tooth surface wear, it will also cause tooth surface wear.

Changing open gear transmission to closed gear transmission can effectively reduce the wear of tooth surface. In addition, improving the hardness of tooth surface, reducing the value of surface roughness, keeping the transmission device and lubricating oil clean and ensuring sufficient lubrication, and adding appropriate anti-wear additives to the lubricating oil can improve the anti-wear ability of tooth surface.

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