30CrMnTi grinding of spiral bevel gear of heavy vehicle

The spiral bevel gear of heavy vehicles generally adopts high-strength alloy steel such as 30CrMnTi. This kind of steel is a special material. The problem of large deformation cannot be solved by using the common heat treatment process. In order to ensure the grinding accuracy, the grinding allowance is often large, resulting in the problem of low production efficiency.

At the same time, the tooth surface is easy to cause surface defects such as burns and microcracks during tooth grinding, which affects the qualified rate of products. Therefore, to carry out the research on the grinding surface integrity of spiral bevel gear, firstly, according to the specific characteristics of spiral bevel gear 30CrMnTi material, carry out the grinding basic experimental research on gear steel 30CrMnTi, study the indicators such as tooth surface residual stress, surface roughness, hardening layer depth and surface microhardness after grinding of 30CrMnTi material, and determine the appropriate grinding process and process parameter range, It provides theoretical reference and data basis for the actual grinding of spiral bevel gear.

The two basic elements in the grinding process: grinding force and grinding heat are studied respectively. Firstly, the single factor test of grinding force is carried out to study the influence of different grinding parameters on the grinding force of 30CrMnTi material, and then the orthogonal test is carried out to study the influence degree of different grinding parameters on the grinding force, and the empirical formula of grinding force is further refined. Then, the grinding heat is simulated based on ANSYS to obtain the grinding temperature of the workpiece surface in the grinding process. According to the grinding force and grinding heat, it provides theoretical support for the study of the properties of the surface after grinding.

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