Polishing and grinding method of automobile helical gear drum and abrasive flow machining technology

Barrel grinding can improve the tooth surface roughness and the fatigue life of automotive helical gears under certain conditions, and the cost is low. As shown in the figure, the processing outline of drum polishing and grinding method is shown. The processing process adopts the mixture of grinding stone and grinding powder with different kinds of materials and several millimeters in diameter, which rotates in the same direction with the grinding treatment tank (100 m / min). The rotation direction of the processed automobile helical gear is opposite to it, and the up and down translation movement is carried out at the same time. The processing time is about 15 ~ 30 minutes. Professor suiwuxia of Saga University in Japan, together with the author and Sumitomo heavy industry company in Japan, studied the drum polishing and grinding method of automotive helical gear after shot peening strengthening treatment, and achieved good experimental results, which attracted the attention of relevant experts in the United States and Japan.

Abrasive flow machining is a new technology of polishing and deburring the surface of workpieces with elastic materials composed of flowing polymer carrier and abrasive. Xu et al. Conducted abrasive flow treatment on automotive helical gears. Through simulation and experimental research, it is proved that AFM can effectively improve the surface roughness quality of automotive helical gears. In drum grinding and polishing and abrasive flow technology, the selection and proportion of abrasive media are very important to the machining effect. It is very important to continue the simulation and experimental research of abrasive on tooth surface roughness and fatigue strength, as well as the optimal selection and proportion of various abrasive media.

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