Advantages and disadvantages of helical gears


The helical gear used in the helical gear reducer can be regarded as a set of cylindrical gears made of a group of sheet gears which are suitable for teeth. In this way, the contact of each piece is in different parts of the tooth profile, thus producing the effect of compensating the error of each sheet gear. This compensation effect is very effective due to the elasticity of the teeth, so it is concluded that the teeth with an error of less than 10 mm can make the error The difference plays an average role, so it can run as smoothly as a gear tooth with an error of 1 mm under the condition of load. Because at any instant, about half the time (assuming a coincidence of about 1.5) there will be two teeth engaged, which brings additional benefits in terms of strength. Therefore, the stress can be built on the basis of 1.5 times the tooth width instead of one tooth width.


  1. Lead to bad axial force;
  2. Slightly increased manufacturing costs.
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