Lubrication of gears

Oil immersion lubrication is adopted. As it is a single-stage cylindrical gear reducer, the speed V < 12m / s, when m < 20, the oil immersion depth h is about 1 tooth height, but not less than 10 mm, so the oil immersion height is about 36 mm.

Lubrication of rolling bearing

As the circumferential speed of the bearing is, oil groove and splash lubrication should be set up.

Selection of lubricating oil

It is convenient to use the same kind of lubricating oil for gears and bearings. Considering that the device is used for small equipment, the gb443-89 full loss system oil l-an15 lubricating oil is selected.

Selection of sealing method

Flange type end cover is easy to adjust and frame type rotary shaft lip type seal ring is installed on the closed cover to achieve sealing. The seal ring model is determined as gb894.1-86-25 bearing cap structure size according to the diameter of the assembled shaft according to the outer diameter of the bearing which is positioned by it.

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