Analysis and diagnosis of abnormal noise of tractor chassis gearbox

Abnormal noise is a common fault of tractor chassis. The abnormal noise is mainly caused by the damage of the fitting relationship of the fitting parts. Abnormal noise is a symptom of tractor fault. One abnormal noise may correspond to one fault, sometimes one abnormal noise may correspond to several faults. In order to accurately determine the location of abnormal noise, we must understand the cause of abnormal noise, master the diagnosis method of abnormal noise, combine theory with practice, and summarize and explore in the actual work.

(1) The main causes of abnormal noise of gearbox are as follows:

In the long-term operation, the gearbox housing may also have some deformation and wear of the seat hole. Therefore, the matching accuracy of each gear pair, shaft and bearing, spline groove and spline tooth is damaged, and abnormal noise occurs inside the gearbox.

(2) Abnormal sound diagnosis

Put the transmission into each gear. If the sound changes, it means that the sound comes from the transmission. From the gearbox itself, there are many parts that can produce abnormal sound, and the sound is also more complex. From the structural point of view, most of the noises in neutral gear are related to the gears with constant mesh. If there is only abnormal noise in a certain gear position, it is mostly the gear or bearing fault. The gear fault shows that the tooth surface is worn out of limit or some teeth are peeled, broken and other defects. If there are different degrees of abnormal noises in each gear, it is often the gears with constant mesh suffer serious abrasion or mechanical damage, It may also be caused by a lack of oil in the transmission.

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