Analysis of data acquisition error of logarithmic spiral bevel gear

In the data acquisition process of logarithmic spiral bevel gear, there are many uncertain and complex comprehensive errors, which directly affect the detection results. This complex comprehensive error mainly includes systematic error and random error. The main reasons for the systematic error of laser scanner are: the geometric error of laser scanner itself; Stress and thermal deformation of laser scanner; Measurement error. The system error can be reduced by adjusting the instrument parameters and repeated tests.

The measurement error refers to the deflection of the grating when measuring the distance. This error is random and irreparable. Because the laser scanner is a high-precision measuring equipment, there are strict requirements for its environment, temperature conditions, air humidity and so on.

(1) Temperature conditions

In the laser scanner system, temperature is the main environmental factor affecting the measurement. The measured standard temperature is generally about 20 degrees, and most logarithmic spiral bevel gear factories calibrate various parameters of the system at this temperature. Therefore, when collecting data, it should be under the standard ambient temperature. However, the actual working conditions can not meet the requirements. Once the temperature of the environment changes, or the temperature of the instrument rises after the laser scanner works for a long time, it will cause measurement errors.

(2) Surface roughness of logarithmic spiral bevel gear

The physical shape of the surface of logarithmic spiral bevel gear will also have a certain impact on the acquisition results. The most direct is the roughness of the surface of logarithmic spiral bevel gear, which will directly affect the accuracy of acquisition. Therefore, before data acquisition, we must clean the surface of logarithmic spiral bevel gear.

(3) Humidity

Compared with other ambient temperatures, the influence of humidity is not so important, but to prevent rust and oxidation of equipment, the humidity is kept below 40%.

(4) Vibration

The surrounding environment of laser scanner is complex, with high noise and vibration, which has an impact on the measurement accuracy of logarithmic spiral bevel gear. In order to improve the measurement accuracy, we generally choose a quieter and better morning for measurement.

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