Analysis of high precision gear processing technology

The overall structure of gear is mainly composed of tooth surface, tooth circle and tooth. According to different parameters and uses and types, there are more detailed classification standards for gears. The above parameters are discussed below. According to the profile of the gear, the gear can be divided into three different forms: involute, cycloid and pressure angle. Among them, the involute gear has the advantages of easy processing technology and wide application range, which is the most widely used in engineering. The application range of cycloid gear is relatively narrow compared with involute gear. Its manufacturing technology still has great development space and potential.

The big and small pressure angle gears have their own characteristics according to their pressure angle. Large pressure angle has more advantages in the compression capacity, and can maintain the good operation of the equipment itself. And the small pressure angle gear is slightly inferior in anti pressure ability. According to the shape of the gear, the gear can be divided into three kinds: conical, straight bevel and circular. According to the surface shape of the gear, the gear can be divided into internal and external gears.

The development of science and technology in the continuous promotion of production technology and productivity, intelligent digital information system has been widely used in the process of machining and manufacturing, greatly improving the efficiency of production and product quality and accuracy. This advanced production technology will continue to promote and promote in the machinery manufacturing industry, and gradually realize all aspects of automatic production. As an indispensable part of mechanical equipment, the precision of high-precision gear directly determines the precision of mechanical equipment, which is the cornerstone of mechanical equipment manufacturing. Therefore, in order to promote the overall and comprehensive development of machinery manufacturing industry, we must improve the precision of gear. Scientific and reasonable processing technology is the first factor to promote high-precision gear production.

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