Analysis of time varying meshing stiffness of gears in ideal state

Based on the theory of gear kinematics and energy method, a high-precision modeling method for calculating the time-varying meshing stiffness of spur gear pair is established and applied to a numerical example. The main research contents and results are as follows

(1) The composition of gear meshing stiffness and the basic derivation of energy method are introduced in detail. According to the meshing motion process of gear pair, the limit boundary conditions of gear meshing and the alternate motion process of gear single double meshing are deduced in detail;

(2) Taking different gear parameters as examples, the components and comprehensive stiffness of gear meshing stiffness are simulated and analyzed in detail, and the influence of different gear basic parameters (modulus, pressure angle, tooth width, etc.) on the stiffness is studied. The modulus change has no effect on the stiffness, while the pressure angle, tooth width and shaft diameter have no effect on the single double meshing stiffness The results show that the stiffness and stiffness have different effects;

(3) The finite element model of the elastic three-dimensional gear pair is basically consistent with the stiffness calculation results of the proposed potential energy analytical method, which verifies the feasibility of the proposed analytical method and the reliability of the calculation model, improves the calculation efficiency and timeliness of the time-varying meshing stiffness of the gear, and makes the preliminary research foundation for the rapid simulation analysis of the system dynamics.

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