Study on dynamics of gear transmission system under fatigue pitting of tooth surface

Combined with the research results of earlier scholars at home and abroad, and aiming at the relevant research points and problems in the proposed research topic, the main research contents are as follows:

(1) based on kinematics and energy method to establish the mathematical model of gear meshing stiffness of fine and analytic equation, the application of different gear case analysis, and studies the gear geometry parameters on the composition of the stiffness and the comprehensive effect of stiffness, elastic three dimensional finite element analysis model and analytical method of energy model to verify each other.

(2) A gear meshing stiffness research and analysis model with macro/micro interface characteristic parameters was established to study the gear meshing stiffness and the influence of different microscopic characteristic parameters on the normal load and contact stiffness of macro performance characteristics.

(3) Establish mathematical models of physical characteristics of pitting on different tooth surfaces, study the response characteristics of gear meshing stiffness under different point erosion types, and study and analyze the engineering application of macro contact stiffness characteristics of initial micro-pitting in micro-scale space.

(4) to establish the mathematical model and a simplified six degrees of freedom gear system dynamics has the characteristics of top gear and bearing module gear system of rigid body dynamics analysis model, the characteristics of pitting corrosion is studied and the system dynamic response under the pitting corrosion properties, mainly discussed the influence of the tooth surface corrosion characteristics on the system response characteristics.

(5) Through the gear contact fatigue test platform, the evolution process of gear fatigue pitting was studied and the vibration response characteristics of the system in the process were analyzed.

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