Annealing process of driving bevel gear external spiral thread

Induction heat treatment has been more and more widely used in automobile, construction machinery and other industries because of its advantages of fast heating speed, high efficiency, energy saving and easy automation. Induction annealing is a common branch of technological process at present, which involves the external thread annealing process of driving spiral bevel gear products.

The driving spiral bevel gear and the flange fork are assembled together. The flange fork receives the power transmitted by the transfer case and transmits the power to the matched driving spiral bevel gear through spline connection. The driving spiral bevel gear needs to bear 2000N ยท m torque.

For induction annealing heat treatment of similar parts, our company also made the following suggestions for sub suppliers.

1) Operators must be fixed in this process to ensure the qualified stability of product quality.

2) It should be noted that when the external ambient temperature is less than 10 โ„ƒ, the red hot driving spiral bevel gear needs to be put into the asbestos insulation box for slow cooling to prevent cracks due to too fast cooling speed.

3) The upgrading of induction equipment needs to be considered. At present, the induction equipment has high production efficiency and can realize the functions of prevention and control of heating temperature, alarm, automatic separation of high and low temperature products and so on. The real-time online monitoring can be realized by real-time monitoring the operation status and parameters of the power supply (such as quenching energy, voltage, current, power, frequency, time and temperature). Rely on more optimized equipment to ensure the stable quality of mass products.

The suggestion has been adopted and solidified in the sub supplier’s operation documents. After implementation, the product quality is stable and there are no batch quality problems.

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