Application of Bearings in Fan Gearbox

Bearing is a key part in the gear box, if there is a problem with the bearing, the gear box will inevitably fail.Many foreign enterprises have a high technical level of gearbox bearings, which tend to have a long service life.

At the same time, in order to understand the condition of the gear box, we need to know the life of the bearing, replace the aging bearing in time, so as to avoid the malfunction of the bearing which will cause the gear box to run poorly.

There are many reasons for bearing damage, different factors need to be considered comprehensively in calculation, which leads to different enterprises and countries have their own life calculation standards, and there is no uniform theoretical basis.

Domestic manufacturers are also studying the relevant technology of bearing life calculation, which is very helpful to improve the application of bearings.Temperature and viscosity of lubricant have a certain influence on the life of bearings, and if the surrounding environment is not clean, it will also pollute the bearings, resulting in poor operation of bearings.

These factors must be taken into account when calculating bearing life to obtain accurate results.

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