Current situation of profile modification of involute spur gear drive system at China and abroad

Abroad, it is first pointed out that the load of the gear changes in a stepped manner. This method can be used to evaluate the influence of the modification parameters on the meshing characteristics of the gear, and a profile modification method for long modification is proposed.Static transfer error is first introduced into the research of tooth profile modification, and it is pointed out that interference caused by gear deformation should be avoided in tooth profile modification.The influence of profile modification is studied by using a similar method, and it is pointed out that neither long nor short profile modification can reduce static transmission error under load variation.

Analytical method is used to calculate the static transmission error of gear, the influence of profile modification parameters on static transmission error is studied, and the wave action to reduce static transmission error is taken as the optimization objective. The corresponding modification quantity and length are obtained when the static characteristic is optimum. It is pointed out that the dynamic characteristics in gear drive should be considered in the next research of profile modification and the external factors should also be considered.Changes in load and speed.Different methods are used to study the optimal profile modification parameters when the peak value of static transfer error is the smallest, and simulation verification is carried out based on the nonlinear dynamic model.

For spur and helical gears, the profile modification parameters are determined with the goal of no interference between the teeth and minimizing the load coefficient in the tooth direction.For light and heavy loads, gear noise is reduced by profile modification.An optimum design method is developed to minimize the equivalent external load.The influence of tooth profile modification on gear bending and contact strength is studied for helical gears.

The influence of machining error, assembly error and tooth modification on contact stress of spur gear teeth surface and bending stress of tooth root, load distribution and static transmission error is studied by finite element method.The influence of tooth modification on transmission error, root stress and contact pressure of spur gears is studied by means of nonlinear finite element method.The three-dimensional finite element model of gear is established, the relationship between contact pressure and modification quantity of helical gear is analyzed, and the optimum modification quantity of helical gear is determined.

Domestic scholars have done a lot of research on tooth profile modification based on static characteristics. Considering such factors as tooth profile modification and tooth profile error, the influence of tooth profile modification on meshing stiffness and load distribution coefficient between teeth has been studied.Jiang Jinke and others carried out optimization design of three-dimensional profile modification including profile modification for helical gear transmission system with the aim of minimizing transmission error amplitude and static load-bearing transmission error.Sun Yuehai and other factors such as errors were considered to study the criteria of tooth profile modification under fixed load.

The optimum type and amount of profile modification are determined by static contact finite element analysis. The effect of profile modification on reducing gear vibration is analyzed by dynamic contact simulation and experimental research.Based on finite element meshing model, Yuan Zhe and others carried out static performance optimization design for gear modification parameters with the goal of reducing transmission error fluctuation.Wang Dang et al. obtained the modified involute profile modification curve equation by contact analysis considering the thermoelastic coupling response between gears.

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