Application of cold extrusion technology in spur gear forming

Li Mingliang simulated the forming process of forward extrusion and reducing extrusion of spur gear on DEFORM-3D software. It was found that forward extrusion was more suitable for cold extrusion precision plastic forming of spur gear than reducing extrusion.

Yu Jinwei analyzed the cold extrusion process of spur gear and found that compared with the traditional cutting process, the cold extrusion process not only improves the metal filling capacity, but also reduces the forming pressure. Liu Quankun et al. Proposed the establishment of streamlined extrusion cavity and the adoption of compound extrusion method. The cold extrusion process of spur gear was simulated with software. It was found that this method is very effective in improving the filling property of corner part, reducing deformation mutation and forming load, and increasing the service life of die.

Teng Hongchun et al. Proposed the forward extrusion constrained split one-time forming process, and found that this process can well improve the filling degree of tooth profile.

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