Application of cold rotary forging process in precision machining of bevel gear

The precision forming of bevel gear by cold rotary forging is an advanced gear processing technology adopted in recent years. This process can avoid various disadvantages caused by heating during hot forging:

At the same time, it also overcomes the disadvantages of excessive deformation resistance and low die life during ordinary cold forging. Moreover, cold rotary forging is adopted to save heating equipment and related energy consumption; Due to the reasonable distribution of metal fibers and the strengthening in the process of rotary rolling, the mechanical properties of finished parts are greatly improved, and their machining accuracy and surface finish can also be greatly improved. Therefore, cold rotary forging precision forming process has a broad application prospect in the field of gear machining.

However, the cold rotary forging precision forming process of bevel gear involves many problems, such as raw material softening treatment, lubrication treatment, rotary forging process parameter setting, concave mold cavity design, electrode design of machining cavity and so on. Only after systematically studying these problems can we effectively guide the actual production and provide a theoretical basis for the application of the process to computer-aided design.

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