Application of high efficiency cutting in gear machining

The concept of efficient machining has been widely used in China’s current automotive industry. However, in the aspect of engineering machinery gear processing, this technology has not been fully popularized and is in the initial stage. With the rapid development of China’s construction machinery industry in recent years, more and more funds enter the market, which makes the industry more competitive. At the same time, with the increase of cost, due to the continuous rise of corresponding costs such as land and labor, the income of the factory is reduced, which has brought many adverse effects on the development of the factory.

At the same time, China’s national industrial upgrading and manufacturing technology is also in the process of development, which requires China’s construction machinery also need to develop towards reliability, high performance and low energy consumption, to meet the current development needs of our country. Due to the unique characteristics of heavy quality and large diameter of construction machinery gear, there are still some difficulties in its implementation of automation. However, with the development of current efficient processing technology, it can effectively solve the problem of low automation in the production of construction machinery gear. This technology is mainly realized from the application of advanced cutting tools and efficient processing equipment.

To sum up, the application of high efficiency gear machining is mainly achieved by improving the advanced nature of the machining equipment and replacing more advanced tools. These technologies can better reduce labor intensity and improve machining efficiency in the process of engineering machinery gear processing. The technology of efficient gear cutting has had a great impact on the current gear processing of construction machinery in our country, so it has become the general trend to use this technology to improve the current gear processing of construction machinery in our country. This upgrade can better improve the processing efficiency and product quality of the factory, meet the requirements of the current era for the machinery manufacturing industry, and promote the sustainable development of the manufacturing industry.

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