Application of reverse engineering in surveying and mapping of involute cylindrical spur gear

In coal machinery equipment, many gear devices in China are imported from abroad. With the influence of factors such as long procurement cycle, difficult procurement and high cost of imported spare parts, the localization of gear device has become an urgent problem to be solved. As a precision transmission part, the accuracy of measurement data, the reliability of Surveying and mapping tools The quality of gear (such as the wear degree of gear) will have a great impact on the parameter calculation. Therefore, reverse engineering is introduced in this paper, which can not only be used as an auxiliary measurement and verification tool, but also improve the accuracy of Surveying and mapping.

Reverse engineering, also known as reverse engineering, refers to the process of reverse design and reverse manufacturing of products according to physical objects and samples. Its essence is the process of reverse product based on physical objects, which mainly includes two contents: one is the data collection of physical models, and the other is the establishment of digital models. The establishment of physical model is introduced in detail, the related technology in reverse engineering is introduced into gear surveying and mapping, and the cylindrical gear parameter measurement based on physical reverse engineering technology is proposed. This paper mainly introduces the application of reverse engineering in the surveying and mapping of involute cylindrical spur gears.

In the surveying and mapping of involute spur gears, reverse engineering can be used not only as a surveying and mapping means, but also as an auxiliary tool to verify the rationality of gear parameters. On the premise of being familiar with the imported gear design standards, this paper selects the appropriate gear calculation method, and applies the two methods of tooth profile verification and paired gear parameter verification in the reverse software to verify the effectiveness of the gear calculation method. It shows that the reverse engineering technology has a very direct significance to improve the accuracy of gear mapping data and verify the rationality of gear parameters.

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