Assembly and simulation design of CVT

1 Assembly of camshaft and slip ring

In the adjustment setting of transmission, in order to achieve the final application effect, the assembly setting of camshaft and slip ring is especially carried out. Through the adjustment of assembly setting, the original cam is rotated to the inside, and its eccentricity is changed, so as to achieve the purpose of speed regulation. According to the application requirements of speed control assembly in the practical design optimization processing, the assembly effect of cam and slip ring in different positions is compared, and according to the technical application requirements in the actual comparison, the effect comparison diagram of assembly slip ring is designed. The effect diagram of this assembly design is based on the assembly position relationship in the diagram, In real assembly design, due to the design of different assembly positions, the corresponding assembly effect will naturally be different [4].

2 Motion simulation of cam and slip ring

According to the requirements of the experiment design, the application of the experiment operation procedure in the whole simulation design is summarized as the following two points. First of all, we should take the cam as the active part to carry on the experiment design analysis, through the motion simulation design processing in the experiment design, and then realize the movement transmission. At the same time, in the motion simulation design and processing, we should pay attention to the drive design in the motion simulation design, and design its drive on the cam, so that the cam drives the driving operation. Secondly, the slip ring should be placed at both ends of the convex shaft to carry out the motion simulation processing of the slip ring, so as to ensure that the simulation design control of the slip ring motion can be realized in the process of the motion simulation processing of the slip ring. Only by ensuring that the above two simulation motion processing can be implemented well, can the application effect of the motion simulation system be improved comprehensively [5].

3 Assembly of camshaft, connecting rod and outer yoke ring of overrunning clutch

The assembly of camshaft, connecting rod and overrunning clutch is the most critical operation procedure in the design and control of transmission. Because in the design and manufacture of real automobile, there are different assembly effects for the assembly of camshaft, connecting rod and overrunning clutch. In this case, the clutch assembly and the best effect should be exerted, In addition, in the implementation of assembly control measures, the assembly combination should be designed and processed in time. According to the design requirements for the automobile transmission, during the assembly process, the whole camshaft is spliced in the form of pin link by using the support plate support form, and the assembly effect after splicing is shown as shown in the figure.

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