Basic forms of tractor gearbox failure

Tractor gearbox not only has the same characteristics and failure forms as other types of gearbox, but also has some characteristics that other types of gearbox do not have. If there is a fork failure in the tractor gearbox, it is generally not in other types of gearbox. However, generally speaking, the basic form of failure of tractor gearbox is similar to that of general gearbox. It can be divided into the following categories according to parts:

1) Gear faults mainly include root crack, tooth surface wear, local block falling and tooth breakage.

2) Bearing faults include outer ring, inner ring, ball, cage fault, etc. For example, according to the damage form, there are surface damage faults, including pitting, peeling, scratch and wear faults.

3) Shaft faults include shaft bending, axial movement, poor shaft alignment and eccentricity.

4) Box failure includes box deformation, insufficient stiffness, poor sealing and loose support, etc.

5) Other faults, such as fork fault, faults caused by lubricating oil related factors, etc.

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