Basic principle of gear cutting method of conical end milling cutter

The proposed method uses a conical end mill as a tool, moves back and forth in the tooth width direction, and feeds alternately along the pitch tangent direction. The proposed gear cutting method of conical end mill is shown in Figure 1.

In Figure 1, the tool path is only used for one slot machining. After this machining, stop the tool and index the gear blank. The gear blank rotates synchronously with the feed length of the tool. The relationship between the tool feed length and the gear blank rotation angle is as follows:

Where: R0 is the pitch circle radius; FT is the tool feed length; θ W is the rotation angle of gear blank; M is modulus; Z is the number of teeth.

Here, the tooth surface accurately generates an involute surface according to the workpiece rotation axis. In addition, this movement occurs only in a single slot. After this process, the gear blank rotates by a pitch angle. This process is called Indexing. During indexing, the tool stops at the beginning of the track. In order to produce all teeth, Z times of cogging and indexing must be carried out.

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