Brief introduction of fimicon function of minimum center distance of two stage spur gear

Given the transmission power P, transmission ratio I and output speed n of the reducer, a set of technical parameters of the reducer is found out to make a certain index of the reducer optimal. Taking the two-stage helical cylindrical gear reducer as an example, when establishing the mathematical model of the reducer, the variables are reasonably selected, the corresponding constraints are found and the objective function is constructed.

The function fmincon is often used in MATLAB, which can basically solve the problem of minimum center distance optimization of reducer. The complete calling format of fmincon function is as follows:


① If there are n variables in fun, we use X (1), X (2) X (n) denotes.

② X0 represents the initial test value, the size of which is equal to the number of variables.

③ The linear inequality of a is a * x sub B, and a is a matrix of order n * n.

④ The linear equality constraint of AEQ and BEQ is AEQ * x = BEQ.

⑤ LB and UB represent the upper and lower boundaries respectively, inf and – inf represent positive and negative infinity respectively, and LB and UB are n-order arrays.

⑥ Nonlcon contains nonlinear equal constraint CEQ and nonlinear unequal constraint C.

⑦ Options can be set with the optimset function.

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