Brief introduction of gear carburizing process

In recent years, China’s industrialization process is speeding up, science and technology have been widely used in automatic production, and the efficiency of industrial manufacturing has been improved while the economic benefits of enterprises have been effectively improved. Gears play a very important role in the mechanical operation. The power generated by the engine is transmitted by different stages of gears in turn, and finally corresponding actions are generated in the manufacturing process, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic production. The accuracy of gear will have a great influence on the working efficiency and service life of machinery. The accuracy of gear is determined by the level of carburizing defects. The white spot defects in carburizing operation will greatly reduce its accuracy.

Before the carburizing process, the gears need to be slightly treated, and the gears need to be preliminarily polished for the smooth carburizing process. Then start carburizing operation on the gear. After this operation, heat treatment shall be carried out on the gear, such as quenching treatment, tempering treatment, etc. After that, the internal and external surfaces of the gear shall be carefully polished, and its anti-corrosion performance shall be inspected at the last step. If the performance is qualified, the gear can be used normally.

In this process, we need to pay attention to the following aspects: gear carburizing treatment. Before the carburizing process, the gears must be kept clean, and usually the workers will clean them with gasoline. In the process of carburizing, it needs to be cleaned twice. At this time, it needs to be noted that the cleaning work will not cause pollution to the activated carbon medium, and at the same time, it needs to ensure that the activated carbon of all parts of the gear is evenly attached; what needs to be paid attention to during the heat treatment of the gear. It is necessary to select appropriate heat treatment process according to national standards to prevent damage to gears caused by too high temperature, and to select the most appropriate fixture to ensure that gears will not deform; what should be paid attention to in gear grinding [1]. The grinding after carburizing is a secondary grinding process, which is more detailed. Usually, the machine tool is required to control the grinding wheel for this operation. When using the machine tool, make sure that the data input is correct, otherwise the size of the gear will be changed.

In the process of gear manufacturing, carburizing process is the most critical link, which directly determines the accuracy and strength of gear. Carburizing refers to placing the formed gear in the activated carbon, and making a large number of activated carbon adhere to its surface through a series of operations. The more activated carbon attached, the stronger the strength of the gear and the longer the service life. According to the quality of each part of the gear, the adhesion ability of the activated carbon is also different. The part with less adhesion of the activated carbon will appear white spot, which is often called white spot defect. Its existence will make the life of the gear greatly reduced, so it is necessary to eliminate the white spot as much as possible to improve the quality of the gear.

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