Calculation results of wheel side meshing gear

40CrMnMo is selected as the solar gear and planetary gear. The material is assumed to be isotropic. Next, constraints are added to the model to fix the planetary gear. Add the force to the sun wheel, and input the couple value converted from torque into 955000n · mm in the definition box.

Mesh generation is an important step in preprocessing. To divide the grid, here we divide the grid into cells with a length of 5mm, as shown in Figure 1.

In the reducer, the most significant role of planetary gear train is to split power. In this scheme, five identical planetary gears are used to share the load. In this way, the planetary gear can share the load is very small, greatly increasing its service life. The material of the planetary gear is the same as that of the sun gear, so the strength check results of the sun gear can easily infer that the strength of the planetary gear meets the requirements.

After the preprocessing, the model is solved, as shown in Figure 2. The root stress distribution is an important index to measure the performance of gear transmission. According to the distribution of stress and deformation, the stress and deformation are mainly distributed on the meshing teeth. The results of ANSYS show that the maximum stress is at the root of the tooth, and the maximum stress of each tooth can reach 116.78mpa, which is far less than the allowable stress. Therefore, the simulation results fully meet the design requirements. It shows that the design is feasible and safe in practical application.