Finite element analysis of meshing gear of a wheel side gear reducer

For heavy trucks, mining vehicles and off-road vehicles, large transmission ratio is needed, so wheel reducers are needed as the last stage of deceleration. The structure of wheel reducer is mainly composed of three parts: sun gear, planet gear and planet carrier. One of the advantages of using wheel reducer is that it can reduce the bearing force of the transmission shaft and other parts and reduce the size of these parts under the condition of constant total transmission ratio. The speed of wheel reducer is reduced and the torque is increased by means of gear transmission. So as to gain more power.

Yang Shenghua studied the application of universal contact element in the calculation of gear tooth deformation and contact stress through contact simulation analysis. A contact simulation model of a pair of gears is established, and a new contact element method is used to calculate the tooth deformation and contact stress. Qu Wentao used ANSYS parametric design language APDL to establish the three-dimensional finite element single tooth contact static model of double circular arc gear. Based on ANSYS / LSDYNA, he established the multi tooth dynamic contact model of flexible body and analyzed the dynamic contact of gear. Chen Huxing used ANSYS parametric design language (APDL) to establish the three-dimensional entity of double circular arc gear, formed the corresponding finite element model, and analyzed the bending stress of gear teeth. In this paper, the wheel reducer of a certain vehicle is taken as the research object. According to the structural characteristics and working characteristics of the wheel reducer, the static analysis of the sun gear and planetary gear meshing pair is carried out.

The three-dimensional solid model of wheel reducer is established by CATIA software, and the meshing pair of sun gear and planetary gear is imported into ANSYS software for meshing. According to the maximum input power of 180kW, the finite element calculation of the sun wheel and planet of the diaphragm spring is carried out by using workbench platform. The results show that the maximum stress of the tooth can reach 116.78 MPa, which is far less than the allowable stress.

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