Catalogue worm gear sets

Advanced production methods combined with years of experience in manufacturing and equipment to provide customers with sound advice have made Framo Morat worm gear sets a byword for quality. In recent years Framo Morat is a worm gear sets win significant market share both in Germany and abroad. Besides our catalog worm gear sets (made to Framo Morat standard), we keep in stock in moderate quantities, we also manufacture custom worm gear sets in compliance with customer specifications.

Our catalog worm gear sets generally available in a wide range of transmission ratios distances and locations directly from stock. Is our factory can calculate and manufacture center distances and transmission ratios deviating from the standard Framo Morat, although it is not always possible to use available tools cutting gear. The worm gear sets are usually right-handed but can produce left-hand on request. Depending on the transmission ratio, large tooling will supply first. Because of the manufacturing process, the teeth shape K. side pressure angle is generally 15 ° and therefore deviate from the standard DIN 20 °. 15 ° pressure angle allows component conditions favorable radial force.

This reduces the bending stress on the worm shaft and the pressure away on the worm gear related, reducing noise and increasing the service life. The differences are due to the efficiency of the pressure angle modification negligible.

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