Mounting of the worm gear

Use the adjustment latheral reference surface. The concession latheral “c” must not exceed 0,15 mm dictance regardless of the centers. Contact pattern shows installation errors. Should be the contact pattern tend to the outgoing side. For reversing operation contact pattern should tend to the center of the worm gear.

Mounting of the worm gear

Effectiveness generally depends on the following conditions:

• angle as a result of the worm,

• speed running,

• lubrication,

• surface quality,

• mounting conditions.

The efficiency increases with growing distance instead. It can use plain bearings with high coefficients of friction affect overall efficiency. Apply the efficiency values ​​quoted for optimum mounting conditions. Not the lubricating film between the flanks made until running gear. That is the reason for lower starting efficiency (approx. 30% below the efficiency of running).

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