The Characteristic of Spiral Bevel Gear and Its Application

The tooth profile is circular shape in spiral bevel gear , like umbrella , therefore , hence the name.

Spiral bevel gear is a kind of driving medium that can low-noise and reposefully transmit according to jarless transmission ratio.

Spiral bevel gear has many advantage like efficient , stable transmission ratio , high circle overlap coefficient , high load ability , high carrying capacity , transmit placidly and plain sailing , reliable operation , compact structure , energy conservation , save space , stand wear and tear , long life and lower noise.

spiral bevel gear (1)

The transmission efficiency of spiral bevel gear is the highest in all kinds of mechanical transmission . To all kinds of transmission , especially high power drive , is provided with huge economic benefit . When passing the same torque , the space required of spiral bevel gear is smaller than belt drive and chain drive .The transmission ratio of spiral bevel gear is changeless forever.

Spiral bevel gear is widely used in many industry sector at home and abroad like oilfield petrochemical machinery , Full-size machine tools , various types of machining equipment , engineering machinery , metallurgical equipment , steel rolling machinery , mining machinery , textile machinery , aerospace , electric lift , aircraft industry and so on.