Characteristics of different base oils for large open gear lubricants

(1) Performance comparison of different base oils for open gear lubricants.

(2) Characteristics of different types of lubricant base oils

The characteristics of asphalt oil are: low cost, but high consumption of oil; easy accumulation and coking of tooth root, difficult to keep tooth surface clean and easy to block nozzle; poor coating property at low temperature; poor heat dissipation of tooth surface and high temperature; containing organic solvent, easy to leak oil and difficult to deal with waste oil, which is not conducive to national environmental protection policy.

The characteristics of liquid lipid oil are as follows: high price; strong adhesion, solid additives, good bearing capacity; wide t-operation temperature, good heat dissipation, good pumping performance, good water resistance and good lubrication effect; low oil consumption, difficult to treat waste oil; features of pure oil products: high price, high oil consumption; low tooth surface temperature, which is conducive to tooth surface protection; weak dust resistance capacity; low oil consumption; Filtration can be degraded and recycled.

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