Calculation of tooth thickness of spiral cylindrical gear

The profile characteristics of circular arc cylindrical gear have important influence on gear design, tooth profile modification, lubrication, strength, etc. However, the existing research only shows that there are differences between parallel connecting rod machining and rotary cutter head milling, and there is no accurate comparative analysis on their characteristics. Therefore, based on the above reasons, it is necessary to analyze the tooth profile characteristics of circular arc tooth profile cylindrical gear Sex in-depth study.

Generally, circular arc tooth profile cylindrical gear teeth can be divided into two types: normal tooth thickness and circumferential tooth thickness. Here, the author mainly discusses the circumferential tooth thickness.

The tooth thickness calculation diagram of any section (perpendicular to the axis) is shown in the figure.

In the figure, a and B are the two points on the tooth profile, and the arc length between a and B is the tooth thickness.

When the coordinates of a and B are known, the tooth thickness of the section can be calculated according to the geometric relationship

Where: (XA, ya), (XB, Yb) – coordinates of points a and B in the section; s’ – chord length between a and B; rk – radius of any circle between tooth root and tooth top.

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