Characteristics of rack and pinion drilling machine

Since the end of 1990s, the multi-functional rack and pinion drilling rig has played an important role in the effective development of shallow oil and gas reservoirs and environmental protection through continuous innovation and technical improvement.

The multi-functional rack and pinion drilling rig is a drilling system that uses the rack and pinion technology to drive the top drive drilling device (referred to as top drive) to directly trip the drilling tool. It cancels the winch, traveling block, crown block and drilling wire rope of the traditional drilling rig, uses the thrust of the rack and pinion to provide drilling pressure for the drill bit, and can realize the rapid transformation of workover, drilling and forced pipe string operation, It can solve the problem of WOB in the development of shallow oil and gas reservoir with horizontal well technology and extended reach well technology, especially suitable for the drilling of land horizontal well and medium shallow offshore horizontal well.

The main characteristics of rack and pinion drilling rig are as follows.

(1) With high transmission efficiency and small starting and stopping inertia, the position of pulling force, thrust and top drive stop can be precisely controlled [2].

(2) With modular design, the rig can be assembled and put into operation in 1 day.

(3) Simple structure, low maintenance cost and low price. American augers vr-300 rack and pinion drilling machine costs US $2.95 million, while conventional drilling machines with the same drilling capacity need us $5 million [3].

(4) Compact layout, small floor area, low noise, more environmentally friendly than conventional drilling rigs.

(5) The drilling operation has the advantages of high efficiency, short cycle and low operation cost.

(6) Equipped with top drive, iron roughneck, pipe operation device, power catwalk and other mechanized tools, with high degree of automation control, few operators (only 2-3 people), and the drilling floor can realize unmanned operation.

(7) The operator can be far away from the rotary table and other dangerous areas, with good safety performance, and some rigs are equipped with remote wireless monitoring system.

(8) The manufacturing requirements of rack and gear are relatively high.

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