China gear basic technology

(1) Present situation

In the aspect of gear profile, because the involute gear has the advantages of convenient machining and separable center distance, it has always been in a dominant position; In recent years, the theoretical research and machining technology research of double circular arc gear are basically at a standstill; The research on new tooth profiles such as micro segment tooth profile and asymmetric tooth profile and new shunting mode has achieved some phased results, which needs to be further studied. With the improvement of design means and the improvement of NC machining technology, the machining of spatial curved surface becomes easier, which lays the foundation for the research and development of better tooth profile. In terms of basic data, foreign research institutions are constantly carrying out basic experimental research such as gear material performance test, load spectrum collection and test. However, there has been little basic experimental research on gear material and performance test since the transformation of scientific research institutes in China, and there are few load spectrum collection and test. In terms of test service platform, the gear industry lacks a test service platform with specialized talent team and advanced test equipment to provide test services for the whole industry. In terms of standardization, the standardization system of China’s gear industry is not perfect, there are few applicable standards for technology and products, and the standard implementation rate is low. Many products (such as super large and super small module gears) have greatly exceeded the existing standard range.

(2) Challenge

① With the continuous development of gear transmission in the direction of high power density, high efficiency and low noise, it is urgent to study and develop new gear profile and new transmission mode; ② The fatigue limit and load spectrum of gear materials determine the rationality and reliability of gear product design. The lack of basic research and data has become one of the important factors restricting the design of gear products in China; ③ The lack of high-level testing service platform for the whole industry makes many new gear products unable to be tested and evaluated by the third party, which directly affects the product improvement; ④ The gap in standardization leads to the low level of gear product design and manufacturing, low reliability and short service life.

(3) Target

① Breakthroughs have been made in the research of new tooth profile and new transmission, and some new tooth profile and new transmission with high transmission efficiency, strong bearing capacity and easy manufacturing and testing have been developed; ② Relying on professional research institutes and colleges and universities, build a public research platform, increase capital investment, establish a research and achievement sharing mechanism, continue to carry out gear basic research, including gear material limit stress, metallographic structure map measurement, load spectrum collection and test, and establish and continuously improve gear basic database; ③ Build a modern gear product testing service platform for the whole industry, strengthen the construction of talent team and testing capacity, formulate product testing standards and specifications, and meet the requirements of enterprise product testing, evaluation and service improvement; ④ Establish an advanced and perfect standardization system in the gear industry to make the gear standardization enter the ranks of world powers.

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